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Water and Solute Transport across Plant Cuticles




  • The most important function of the plant cuticle is to prevent land-living plants from desiccation (Schreiber 2010). In addition cuticles reduce the leaching of organic and inorganic chemicals from the leaf interior (Schlegel et al. 2006), they are the first barrier for the uptake of foliar applied herbicides (Ballmann et al. 2011) and they represent mechanical barriers for pathogens (Krimm et al. 2005). All these aspects have in common, that they are closely related to cuticular transport properties. Investigation of cuticular permeability is carried out using intact leaves, isolated cuticular membranes and isolated and subsequently recrystallized cuticular waxes (Schreiber and Schönherr 2009). Arabidopsis (Panikashvili et al. 2011) and rice (Shi et al. 2011) are used analysing wax and cutin biosynthesis.