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160 years after Robert Caspary left his position as director of the herbarium and adjunct head of the Bonn Botanical Garden, researchers will unite to a plant diffusion barriers homecoming in Bonn.  Slightly editing a general principle decorating the University of Bonn main building we are pleased to host this meeting about physiologically important diffusion barriers in plants.  These include protective cuticles, Casparian strips, suberin lamellae and lignin and alike polymers in a variety of particular plant tissues.  These structures are essential for plant development, water balance, nutrient homeostasis, uptake of agrochemicals and resistance to bioaggressors.  Consequently, the understanding and modification of apoplastic barriers is one strategy to improve plant performance and develop crops that are more resilient to the negative impacts of predicted climate changes.
After the inaugural meeting in Lausanne 2013, the biannually held International Symposium on Plant Apoplastic Diffusion Barriers has advanced to the ideal platform to present novel findings and discuss ideas among scientists working in this field.
This symposium embraces three days of oral presentations and poster sessions on cutting edge basic and applied aspects of the development, biosynthesis, structure, and physiological properties of plant apoplastic diffusion barriers. There will also be many opportunities for networking and socializing with our colleagues.


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