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Keynote Speakers



The following speakers will present their latest discoveries in the area of Plant Apoplastic Barriers.


Gabriel Castrillo

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 

Plant Microbiota Coordinate Root Diffusion Barriers and Ion Homeostasis


Gwyneth Ingram

CNRS/UMR5667 ENS de Lyon, France 

Mind the gap: Ensuring Embryonic Surface Integrity During Seed Development


Concepcion Manzano

University of California Davis, USA 

To the exodermis and beyond: what secrets does it hide?


Yuree Lee

Seoul National University, Korea 

“Cellular Architectures Controlling Organ Separation”


Katja Arand

University of Würzburg, Germany 

Ecophysiology Adaptations in Plant Cuticles - How do Cuticular Waxes Contribute to Cuticular Barrier Properties?”


Yann Boursiac

BPMP, INRA, Montpellier, France 

“Physiological Roles of Casparian Strips and Endodermal Suberin in Salt Tolerance and Transport of Water and Solutes"