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Research Focus

To cope with short term environmental changes, plants have evolved complex signaling networks that start with stress perception and end with appropriate cellular responses.

In this context we are analysing the molecular basis of Ca2+-dependent signaling pathways in plant organelles and the role of Ca2+, ROS and plant hormones in drought stress.

In addition to the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, we are investigating the staple crops barley and potato.

Prof. Dr. Ute C. Vothknecht

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Very nice collaborative work from our ADAPT project; now accepted for publication in Plant Communications

Link to the SKM website.

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Congratulations to Sabarna, Maya and Fatima. Their collaborative work with the Peiter group from the University of Halle on H2O2 mediated transcriptional changes in barley is now published.

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New publication from our long-time collaboration with Ildiko and Lorella from the University of Padua.

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Group photo taken during the 20 years anniversary celebration of the IZMB.

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Saying farewell to our Post-Doc Andras

All the Best for your future career as a science teacher in Berlin.


Maya, Bastian und Fatima's work on stress induced calcium signals in barley is now published in BMC Plant Biology


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