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Departments of the Institute for Cellular & Molecular Botany

Research groups

Prof. Dr. Volker Knoop Molecular Evolution

The group of Prof. Knoop works on organellar genomes and gene expression in mitochondria and choloroplasts of plants.

Ecophysiology  Prof. Dr. Lukas Schreiber

The group of Prof. Lukas Schreiber focusses on the ecophysiology of plant interfaces.

Plant Cell Biology Prof. Dr. Ute C. Vothknecht

The group of Prof. Ute Vothknecht investigates the adaptation of plants to short-term environmental changes in particular abiotic stress factors.

Molecular Plant Physiology  Prof. Dr. Veronica G. Maurino

The group of Prof. Veronica Maurino investigates the molecular and evolutionary adaptations of plant development and physiology to changing environments.

Teaching and Administration

M.Sc. Plant Sciences  PD Dr. Rochus Franke

The international Plant Sciences degree programme deals with fundamental and applied aspects of plant sciences.

Mechatronic Workshop      Pascal Ernst

The tasks of the mechatronics workshop are the development, production and repair of laboratory equipment, as well as the comprehensive support of the IT infrastructure.

Facility Manager IZMB  Roland Prediger

The facility manager is responsible for building services of the IZMB.

Organisation / Contact


IZMB - Institute for Cellular & Molecular Botany

Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Lukas Schreiber

Secretary                                                                                                                                             Adress

Sandra Krüger                                                                                                                             Kirschallee 1                                                                                                          
Phone: +49228 / 73-2130                                                                                                         D - 53115 Bonn
Fax: +49228 / 73-6183                                                                                                              Google Maps Location
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