Plant Science Colloquium

Summersemester 2023

Ort: Hörsaal in der Nussallee 4 oder ggfs. als Online-Präsentation
Zeit: Freitags, 12 Uhr c.t.


Dozent: Prof. Dr. John McKay, College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University

Thema: „Genetics of adaptation to variable environments in crops and natural populations“

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Frank Hochholdinger, INRES

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Dozent: Prof. Dr. Till Ischebeck, Grüne Biotechnologie, Institut für Biologie und Biotechnologie der Pflanzen,
                 WWU Münster

Thema: „A Hundred million rings to rule them all, and to the plasma membrane bind them –
                 Identification of a lipid droplet – plasma membrane tether“

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Peter Dörmann, IMBIO

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Dozent: Dr. Kosala Ranathunge, School of Biological Sciences, University of Western Australia, Perth

Thema: „Functional roles of different types of roots (heterorhizy) on water uptake in rice (Oryza sativa L.)“

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Lukas Schreiber, IZMB

Einladung pdf

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