Our Teaching

Courses of the Department of Molecular Plant Physiology

Bachelor Biology

  • Compulsory module BP13 – Plant Physiology (with AG Schreiber): Lecture and practical course in time group 2 (mid of May – mid of June), summer term

  • Elective module WBIO-A-06 – Protein Technology: Lecture and practical course in time group 3 (January), winter semester

Master Plant Sciences

  • Compulsory module PBPM – Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants (with AG Schreiber), lecture (Wed and Fri: 8:15 - 9:45) and seminar (PBPM1: Molecular Physiology of Plants), during the semester (17:15 – 18:45), winter term

  • Block course PBB – Protein Biochemistry and Biotechnology: lecture, practical course and seminar in time group 3 (mid of June – mid of July) in summer semester, and time group 1 (mid of October - mid of November), winter semester

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